St Ann's College

The college began in 2005 as a computer institute but later on we started offering a number of courses. We also are in collaboration with SPU annd Gretsa university now. Offering the best quality in the computer IC3 course in town. The history of the college is...

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St. Paul's University

We offer St. Paul's university courses ranging from Information technology, Business related courses, Education, ECDE among many others. We have also have qualified staff ensuring...

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We have a rich devotions program for all our students where they get to fellowship every Friday as from 8.00 am to 10.00am under the umbrellas of Christian Union (CU), Adventist Young Students(AYS) and YCS

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Best Facilities. Excellent Computer Labs

We have a highly qualified IT team ready to impart all skills that you need in programming, web design, data analysis, PC support and maintenance and many more. Join us today.


State of the art library  Quality Service

Our library contains a rich collection of resources that aid in research and serve as reference materials for students and staff in most of the fields covering all courses offered and much more. We also have an e-library.


Sports and Clubs Funtime!!!

We understand very well that too much sstudy makes Tom a dull boy. We have co-curricular activities that engage our students evry Friday as from 10.00 am onwards. Clubs and societies are also available moulding all round students. Join us today.